The 11 Best Noodle Casseroles

The 11 Best Noodle Casseroles

From classic tuna noodle casserole to more unique recipe, this list has it all. If you’re a pasta fan and have a lot of mouths to feed, these recipes will help you get the job done! Each and every one is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Like we said, tuna noodle casserole is a classic favorite when it comes to family-style cooking. Everyone seems to have their favorites, but ours is the best!

This chicken & noodle casserole is a hearty dish that will become your family’s new favorite comfort food.

This noodle and rice casserole recipe combines two of our favorite grains for a filling meal or side dish.

Seafood noodle casserole seems to be uncommon, but after trying this dish, filled to the top with perfectly seasoned crab meat and shrimp, you’ll be making it all the time.

This beefy noodle casserole recipe consists of thick, delicious chili and pasta. Where could you go wrong with ingredients like that?

If you’re looking to add some staying power, or just add a little more nutrients to your diet, try this whole wheat noodle casserole. The gruyere cheese on top is to die for.

This bacon-filled noodle cheese casserole is ideal for breakfasts with guests, but would make a good dinner too.

Can’t go wrong with mac and cheese, so this mac n’ cheese chicken casserole takes this recipe to a whole new level!

Sure to become a family favorite, this quick cooking Pennsylvania Dutch ham noodle casserole combines cubed cooked ham, noodles and tender onions blended with a creamy cheesy sauce.

If your family isn’t fond of tuna, try this turkey noodle casserole as a replacement.

Chicken, butternut squash & noodle casserole serves as a refreshing twist on a classic casserole uses butternut squash soup to make an irresistible dish.

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