The 12 Best Healthy Winter Recipes

The 12 Best Healthy Winter Recipes

Although winter is all about filling, hearty meals, that doesn’t mean those meals have to be fattening. There are plenty of healthy winter recipes you can make for every course! Try one of these healthy winter recipes tonight and you’ll be eating well without the risk of putting on some extra winter pounds!

Healthy Winter Recipes: Appetizers
Serve these healthy winter recipes at the start of your meal for a nutritious start to your evening.

Winter Salad: Radicchio and peperoncini come together to create an unforgettable salad.
Dried Fig Salad: You don't have to worry about fresh summer ingredients. This is a winter salad!
Avocado Toast: These avocado toasts make a great appetizer! You can use any bread you enjoy but this is especially good on whole or cracked wheat bread. The celery salt is a must!
Healthy Winter Recipes: Main Courses
These healthy winter dinner recipes make filling and low-fat dinners!

Bean Soup: Vegetables like onion, carrot and celery truly make this bean soup hearty and delicious!
Ziploc Omelets: This is a wonderful recipe and easy to fix. If you are fixing for more than two have then to write their name on the bag with a magic marker so you will know which omelet goes where. This recipe is good for campers.
Nutty Spinach Salad with Chicken: Great taste, fun to eat, goes with everything and it's also very healthy. Because it calls for bagged spinach and carrots, the recipe is super easy to make.
Low Cholesterol Meatloaf: This recipe is from my mom. She made this up for my dad when he was diagnosed with diabetes.
Warming Winter Vegetable Stew: This hearty stew will keep you toasty all fall and winter long!
Turkey Chili: This chili is for the one that has leftover turkey. It is light and nutritious.
Healthy Winter Recipes: Side Dishes
These vegetable side dishes are best served with hearty winter fare.  Enjoy these healthy winter side dish recipes with tonight’s dinner!

Kale Saute: Kale is a leafy, cabbage-like vegetable with lots of yummy nutrients. This recipe adds onion and garlic for perfect flavoring.
Sesame Spinach: My family really enjoys this spinach - I've been making it for several years. It's easy. I keep a small jar of toasted sesame seeds all the time so that step is eliminated.
Munchy Tango Carrots: This is a simple recipe that can be a side dish or Hors d'oeurves. Great for folks that are not particularly fond of vegetables. If used as Hors d'oeuvres , furnish picks to put on plates.
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