The 15 Most Creative Halloween Desserts

The 15 Most Creative Halloween Desserts

While it's true you can decorate your food in orange and black, these 15 desserts take the Halloween theme to a whole different level. Keep reading for recipes that are spooky, fun, and in costume!

Halloween Worms: Kids will slurp up these fruit-flavored gummy worms.

Graveyard Cupcakes: I make these cupcakes each Halloween with my daughters and now granddaughter!

Devil's Food Spider Cupcakes: These cupcakes are creepy, right down to their yellow jellybean eyes. Perfect for Halloween!

Sandra Lee's Spider Bites: This spooky Halloween sweet was provided to us by the Food Network star Sandra Lee!

Halloween Crispy Marshmallow Ghosts: These fun treats are very festive without being scary. Children can decorate the ghost's faces to make them personal.

Halloween Slime Punch: This is so good, I even use it for birthdays and showers without the bugs.

Black Halloween Punch: Delicious! As it is with any Halloween punch, a frozen 'hand' adds just the right spooky touch! The combined colors make a delightfully scary look!

Witches' Broomsticks: These maple-flavored broomsticks are guaranteed to melt in your mouth and be a hit with kids of all ages.

Gross Out Pudding: Kids love "gross" on Halloween and this pudding will do the trick for parties. I don't know if it's been done before but it just hit me one day and all the kids got such a kick out of it.

Fudgy Frankenstein Fingers: These edible fingers are tender and fragile -- so handle with care!

Gravedigger's Cake: Let your little zombies grab a shovel and dig in!

Jack O' Lantern Cakes: Brew up a witch's cauldron of fun this Halloween with special spooky treats. This delicious goodie is frighteningly fun to make, so get your little monsters involved.

Monster Munchies: Keep your little ghouls happy this Halloween with these filling snack balls or bars.

Chocolate Cauldron Cups: A chocolate cookie crumb crust is filled with minty pudding in this quick-to-make treat

Butterfinger Eyeballs: Have a fun scare with these candy "eyeballs" at your next Halloween party.


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