The 4th of July in Color!

The 4th of July in Color!

It’s almost the fourth of July and it’s time to get crafty in the kitchen. You won’t believe how patriotic your meal can get.

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1. Red, White and Blue Salsa


Berries are the secret to this vibrant dish. A simple addition of Blueberries and strawberries turns a traditional Mexican favorite into an all-American appetizer. 


2. Red, White and Blue Spinach Salad


You know that desserts are king when it comes to celebrating this spectacular national holiday, so try starting things off light with a berry-filled spinach salad. (Makes room for that guilt-free dessert…well almost.)



Main Course:


1. Red, White and Blue Tenderloin


Who knew pork would be the perfect patriotic plate for your holiday? If you’re looking to make your meal more picnic-friendly, try making this dish the night before. Then, slice the leftovers and layer them onto your favorite bread on the big day for pork tenderloin sandwiches. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even try rolling the slices with some blueberries and provolone cheese on res, tomato-flavored wrap bread. 



Side Dish:

1. Red, White and Blue Potato Salad


You can’t have an Independence Day meal without good ‘ole hearty American potato salad. This recipe is amazing and will keep you right on track with your tricolor theme. 



And now for everybody’s favorite…




1. Americana Apple Pie


It doesn’t get more American than apple pie. This recipe is a contest winner and family favorite. You surly will not disappoint!


2. Independence Day Sundaes


These simple sundaes are a kid-friendly favorite for a cool ending to your Uncle Sam approved meal. 


3. Healthy “Red, White and Blue” Swirled Cheesecake Bars


For the more health conscious, try out these delicious cheesecake bars where, again, red and blue berries steal the show. 


4. Patriotic Cupcakes


Vanilla cupcakes are my absolute favorite and these babies are simply delicious and easy to make! They are so light with their berry topping, you may allow yourself to cheat a little on another more decadent dessert, at least that’s my reasoning.


5. Barefoot Contessa’s Flag Cake


If you’re looking to really dazzle your family and friends try this incredible cake from Barefoot Contessa.



The possibilities are endless for your patriotic theme so go ahead and get a little Independence Day crazy in your kitchen. 


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