The 7 Easiest Dinners You'll Ever Make

The 7 Easiest Dinners You'll Ever Make

These dinners are so quick and easy, you won't even feel like cooking at home is an ordeal! Better yet, there's one dinner for each day of the week.

Easiest Chili Ever: Easy and delicious. My kids always ask for this!

Easiest Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie: Great for Thanksgiving or whole chicken left overs. Extremely easy, yet very yummy!

Easiest Beef Stroganoff: Canned beef chunks (not sliced) make this a goof-proof recipe!

Easiest Pasta Dish: College students, take note of this easy pasta recipe. Make an extra batch for the next day!

Easiest Veal Chops: This is best veal chop recipe for beginners.

Easiest Sloppy Joes: I make these easy and tasty Sloppy Joe's sandwiches for my kids and for parties!

Easiest Swedish Meatballs in a Crockpot: This recipe uses frozen meatballs and sour cream to make an easy meal that's so delicious.


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