The Berry Best Jams Recipe Collection

Berry Best Jams

It may still be early August, but the end of summer is just on the horizon. Fall is coming, and with it come pumpkin patches and hay-rides, apple picking and hot cider at night. Luckily, even with the cool weather coming we don’t need to lose the taste of the summer. With these recipes for berry jams, sauces and spreads, you can keep summer with you all year long!


Blueberry and Blackberry Jams


Blueberry, Blackberry, Almond, Peach Jam: This is one of my favorites. I use fresh peaches, blueberries and blackberries in season. The almond extract gives it a little nutty taste. 


Rhubarb and Blueberry Jam: The sharp taste of rhubarb is balanced by the sweet blueberries and sugar.


Blueberry Jam: A quick and easy jam!


Cranberry Sauces and Jams


Mouthwatering Spreadable Red Wine Cranberry Sauce: A submission for the Tasty Thanksgiving 2010 Recipe contest, originally posted at This cranberry sauce is tangy and tart as cranberry sauce should be, but it’s backed up with a pleasantly sweet and floral finish. The cranberries get a fruity boost from a red wine, with a vanilla bean and fresh citrus to keep things interesting. 


Citrus Spice Cranberry Sauce: This is a delicious sauce that adds that extra flavor to any dish!


Cranberry Delight Jam Spread: Try this spread on your morning bagel instead of plain old cream cheese.


Raspberry Jams and Butters


Raspberry-Apricot Jam: This fruity jam is delicious on toast and makes a great gift in a jar.


Raspberry Butter: Try this on your bagel at breakfast. Other fruits may be substituted for raspberries, such as mangoes, grapes or tangerines. 


Raspberry Apple Butter: Dress up your morning muffin with this delicious spread. 


Strawberry Jams


Best Strawberry Jam Ever: This is the BEST Strawberry Jam I have ever eaten. I have had so many people tell me it is even better than the number one leading brand at the store! It is so easy to make and costs very little. Try making it yourself and enjoy!


Strawberry-Rhubarb Cardamom Jam: Cardamom is an ancient spice with an exotic flavor that binds the fruitiness of the strawberries and the tangy sweet-and-sour taste of rhubarb in this jam recipe. 


Easy Strawberry-Fig Jam: Make this jam with Splenda (or another sugar substitute) for a sugar-free jam!



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