The Best Grilling Recipes Countdown

The Best Grilling Recipes Countdown

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, eating indoors is a thing of the past. And what better way is there to cook up some outdoor grub than on the grill? Whether you enjoy making pork chops, shish kabobs, or plain old hot dogs, there's something for everyone in our great grilling countdown.

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41. Brats and Beer on the Grill - The essence of Wisconsin tailgating – this is the ultimate football afternoon menu.

40. Grilled Apricots with Fromage Blanc - Grilled fruit is a great finish to a backyard barbecue. The best fruits for grilling are apricots, peaches and nectarines (white are best).

39. Bacon Wrapped Hamburgers - Add some life to your regular barbecue - the bacon makes the hamburgers so tender!

38. Grilled Fruit with Balsamic Vinegar Syrup - A drizzling of homemade syrup makes for a delicious, tropical fruit treat.

37. Grilled Burgers Latino - In the mood for some juicy burgers? Make it latino style! Add some ground cumin and cinnamon to your meat mixture along with tons of great ingredients.

36. Grilled Pineapple - Flavored with honey and a little hot pepper sauce, this is a great fruit preparation.

35. Grilled Prosciutto and Basil Wrapped Shrimp - This colorful dish can be made as an appetizer or a full meal - either way it's delicious.

34. Grilled Shrimp Scampi - This is a nice shrimp dish because the sauce isn't very heavy at all. A lot of lime juice, olive oil and garlic simply flavor these shrimp.

33. Grilled Cornish Game Hens with Herb Marinade - The elegant wine, lemon, and herb preparation makes this dish perfect for a special occasion.

32. Best Ever Grilled Corn on the Cob - Grilling brings out the sweetness of the corn along with the smoky kick of the chili powder and bacon.

31. Easy Grilled Potatoes - This mixture of spices is really flavorful and it tastes especially good on the grill. It's a healthier way to make potatoes than frying.

30. Chicken Kabobs with Lemon Marinade - This simple marinade is reminiscent of Greek flavors because it uses a lot of lemon juice. The flavor is amazing and the chicken will be juicy and tender.

29. Grilled Buzzard - Well to begin with the first time I ate this my in-laws had me convinced I was eating buzzard, the kind that flies around dead animals. But when I realized it was chicken I would not eat it any other way.

28. Watermelon with Grilled Halloumi Cheese - Halloumi cheese is from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It is unique because it will grill and brown without melting. Teamed with watermelon, it is a sweet-salty treat that works as an appetizer, side dish or salad.

27. Basted Grilled Vegetables - Your choice of mixed vegetables are prepared with olive oil, lemon, and fresh herbs.

26. Spicy Grilled Shrimp - Serve these flavorful shrimp as an appetizer or on top of pasta!

25. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad - This recipe for grilled chicken Caesar salad is amazing because you are adding some special ingredients such as oregano and marjoram to it.

24. Grilled Cheese Bread - This cheesy bread makes a perfect after-school snack or appetizer. Especially great for kids.

23. Grilled Chicken Strips - These simple skewers are deliciously tasty! Great for appetizers or a main course.

22. Grilled Salmon with Tomatoes and Basil - Great taste and beautiful presentation. The salmon is moist and full of flavor.

21. Teriyaki Corn - Simple, tasty and different way of doing corn on the cob.

20. Grilled Shrimp with Garlic and Breadcrumbs - This is a simple dish that doesn't need much else.

19. Sweet Onion Grilled Quesadillas - Try these vegetarian quesadillas for a light lunch or a delicious side item.

18. Grilled Veal Rolls with Mortadella and Pecorino - The key to preparing veal scaloppini is to grill them slowly and baste frequently.

17. Chicken Tikka (Tandoori-Style Grilled Chicken) - This classic Indian dish has a healthy dose of spice. Its red coloring and incredible aroma are the results of paprika, cumin and coriander.

16. Oriental Grilled Flank Steak- Add a taste of Oriental for dinner tonight with this recipe that calls for flank steak, barbecue sauce, soy sauce and some veggies and fresh spices.

15.Grilled Chile Rellenos - A loose interpretation of the wonderful Mexican dish, vegetarian and non-greasy but very savory.

14. Southern Grilled Barbecued Ribs - The secret to these delicious ribs is red wine vinegar, mustard and Worcestershire.

13. Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Pockets - The great flavor and health benefits of these sandwiches will make your grilling a healthy success.

12. Grilled Tuna Steaks - Simply flavored with teriyaki and fresh ginger, this fish dish stands on its own.

11. Castilian Grilled Chicken - Chicken is marinated in a blend of spices, soy sauce, and olive oil and grilled to perfection.

10. Jack Daniel's Grilled Chuck Roast - Add some Jack Daniels Whiskey to your grilled chuck roast for a great flavor.

 9. Grilled Greek Chicken Breasts - Wonderful blend of flavors and super simple! Makes for a nice twist on boring chicken. Can also cook in skillet or panini press.

 8. Stuffed and Grilled Jalapeno Peppers - These are a great appetizer for any party! Superbowl, World Series, Family BBQ..... sliced Jalapenos, stuffed with cheese...Mmm!!

 7. Hawaiian Chicken - Truly scrumptious and easy chicken recipe that can be cooked in the oven or on the grill. This recipe was given to me by a Hawaiian neighbor. If you wish, you can decrease fat content by using skinless chicken. Also delicious with pork country style ribs.

 6. Salmon with Brown Mustard and Olive Oil - Delicious salmon dish, topped with olive oil, brown mustard, and chopped onion. Easy and quick to make; melts in your mouth.

 5. Bacon-Mushroom Appetizers - These are quick and easy! So good that we eat them straight off the grill!

 4. Grilled Swordfish - The marinade for this grilled fish contains some unexpected ingredients like sake and mirin (sweet rice wine).

 3. Mexican Style Grilled Chicken - Great mexican style taste with a grilled kick!

 2. Salmon with Honey Mustard - A great tasting heart-healthy recipe! You can also substitute chicken breats for the salmon filets if you desire.

 1. Spicy Popcorn on the Grill - To serve a crowd, multiple pans of popcorn can be popped at once on grill. Also note that chili powder tends to darken with heat, which may give your popcorn an overcooked appearance but won't affect taste.

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