The Bread Basket: Our 11 Favorite Bread Recipes

The Bread Basket: Our 11 Favorite Bread Recipes

There's nothing like starting your meal with some delicious bread. It really sets the tone for an entire meal. Here are 11 delicious and simple recipes, and they're sure to kick off any meal the right way!

The Bread Basket: Our 11 Favorite Bread Recipes

Freckle Bread

Dotted with raisins, this potato delight leaves you wanting more.

Pistachio Bread

This is a classic bread topped with pistachio and walnuts.

Peach Bread

This is a delectable fusion of bread and peaches, and other fruits of your choice.

Stuffed Bread

There couldn't a more perfect - and intriguing - stuffing than a sausage and cheese mixture. The green peppers give it more oomph.

Quick Mix Cheese Bread

A no-hassle cheese bread recipe with old-school charm.

Cranberry Bread Machine Bread

This is an irresistible and scarlet-looking loaf that makes a great toast.

Crescia Bread

Peppered with a generous amount of cheese, this flexible Italian recipe can be a great addition to scrambled eggs and coffee. 

Apple Bread

The apple chunks and chopped walnuts bring this home-baked specialty to life.

Honey Bread

Baked hot bread with a smattering of honey makes this bread truly delightful.

Bread Sticks

You can dip 'em in chocolate or in some fresh marinara sauce.

Pizza Bread

The rye bread makes a great alternative to pizza dough.

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