The Cherrier The Cheerier: 8 Cherry-Flavored Desserts

The Cherrier The Cheerier: 8 Cherry-Flavored Desserts

These 8 cherry-flavored recipes are perfect, whether you're preparing them for an elegant party or are trying to serve them as an indulgent snack for yourself. These recipes are our favorite, and delicious whenever you're in the mood for cherry!

Easy Cherry Almond Coffee Cake

For those that want dessert in a hurry, put together these ingredients and enjoy an extremely easy to make and filling cake.

Cherry Sour Cream Muffins

These rich and sweet muffins are very easy to make and can provide a splash of color and flavor the end of just about any meal.

Cherry Pie Cheesecake

The wonderful taste of cheesecake comes together with the tart flavors of cherries to create a memorable dessert.

One Minute Chocolate Cherry Cake

An extremely quick and easy recipe that can be made right in the microwave.

Cherry Scones

By filling scones with the sweet taste of cherry jam, a delicious treat can be create for the perfect end to a warm dinner.

Quick Sweet Cherry Pie

A classic dish that is sure to please.

Apricot and Cherry Bars

This light and tasty dessert can be taken just about anywhere for those on the go.

Oatmeal Cherry Toffee Chocolate Cookies

A cherry twist to a tasty cookie recipe.

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