The Cooking Channel’s “Dr. Mixologist” Shares His Top Summer Cocktail Tips!

The Cooking Channel’s “Dr. Mixologist” Shares His Top Summer Cocktail Tips!

Darryl Robinson aka “Dr. Mixologist” recently became the host of a new Cooking Channel series called “Drink Up.” On the show, he'll teach us how to make the most delicious and daring cocktails and pair them with food. Read the advice he gave us about making the best summer cocktails!

Learn more about Darryl and his new series “Drink Up” here! Be sure to watch Darryl shake up some amazing cocktails every Sunday at 10:30 pm Eastern Time!

The top flavors of the summer:
According to Darryl, gin is the spirit of the summer.  If you tend to be a bit wary of gin, Darryl insists that “gin is just flavored vodka.” Don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your favorite summer beverage.  Other flavors that are hot this summer include cucumber, cilantro, blueberry, and citrus fruits.  Try incorporating some of these into your summer drinks!   

These cocktails feature some of Darryl’s favorite summer flavors:
Limeade Cocktail
Lemon Drop Martini
Smurf Martini
Pink Gin

The best way to use herbs in a cocktail:
Darryl prefers not make cocktails with herbs floating in them because finds them difficult to drink.  The last thing he wants is to have his guests walking around with pieces of cilantro stuck in their teeth!  So how can you make an herb-infused cocktail without the embarrassment?  Shake the herbs vigorously with the cocktail mixture, then strain them out.  You’ll get all the flavor and none of the embarrassing chunks!  You could also use an herb (parsley, mint, etc.) as a garnish instead of mixing it into the drink. 

What kind of cocktail to serve with pork or beef:
Stick to red wine cocktails when it comes to pairing drinks with these meats.  Add a touch of ginger or jalapeno for a unique and bold flavor. 

If you like red wine cocktails, you'll love this easy Sangria recipe!

Do you have a great cocktail recipe?  Enter it into our Summertime Sipper Recipe Contest!

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