The Food Network’s Anne Thornton Shares Some Holiday Baking Tips

The Food Network’s Anne Thornton Shares Some Holiday Baking Tips

When it comes to holiday baking, Anne Thornton is a pro. As a pastry chef and star of the Food Network series “Dessert First,” she knows the best holiday recipes and tricks for making them! Find out about her favorite fall apple desserts, her decadent Thanksgiving pie, and her essential tip for making pie crust!

Here are Anne’s answers to some essential holiday baking questions:

When it comes to making pie crust, should you use all butter, all shortening, or a bit of both?
“All butter.  I’m all about real foods…I’m not a big fan of vegetable shortening; you won’t see me using that on the show.  I believe in butter. Butter makes everything taste better, you already have it in your fridge, and it works in everything!”

What are some great fall recipes you can make with apples?
“On the caramel show, I make apple turnovers which are really simple with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream- ‘cause I’ve gotta get ice cream in there somewhere!  I show you how easy it is to make caramel sauce and how easy it is using puff pastry and cooking some apples and lemon and some sugar to make these delicious turnovers. 

I also love making apple brown betty with leftover bread, because I always buy fresh bread from the bakery.  And I love baked apples, as well.  I just bake them off with a little bit of butter and some raisins and walnuts and maple syrup.

I even like using apples with savory dishes.  I love a baked apple with some brown sugar with some butter and a stick of cinnamon in there.  I bake it off, add some rosemary, and I serve it with pork chops as a side dish for a savory meal.”

Do you have any tips for making a killer pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving?
“On the Thanksgiving show, I make a pumpkin maple pecan cheesecake…it is so easy. It’s a simple graham cracker crust (no bake)- you bake the whole thing together, pat it into a springform with some cream cheese, some pureed pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, some spices, and some eggs.  You just throw in the springform pan, bake it off, and then I make a pecan maple glaze, which is just cream, maple syrup again, and pecans.  You cook it down and pour it over.  It’s so beautiful, it’s so light and fluffy, and it’s just the best cheesecake-slash-pumpkin pie ever.”

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