The Incredible, Edible Stuffed Burger

The Incredible, Edible Stuffed Burger

If you’re tired of the regular old hamburgers you’ve had all summer, it’s time to take your dinner experience to the next level with stuffed burgers for fall.

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You won’t believe how easy these recipes are to follow. Stuffing your burgers before you even set them on the grill is an excellent new way to add flavor right to the patty. No fussing over condiments or the cheese slide right off the bun. Not anymore! Say hello to your new grillin’ favorite.

You’re 7 Recipes away from Stuffed Burger Paradise:

1. Fresh Lemon and Feta Mediterranean Stuffed Burger

This recipe takes a dense burger and lightened up the flavor with fresh lemon and feta cheese. The burgers are juicy and the feta comes out perfectly melted from the center. 

2. Mexican Salsa Stuffed Burger

This recipe is sort of like an inside out taco. You can kick things up by adding hot sauce to the burger meat or using hot chilies. Slicing fresh avocado as a garnish is a nice mellow accompaniment to the spice. 

3. Italian Pizza Stuffed Burger

Make this recipe even more unique by using sausage meat instead of traditional ground beef. That way, it will really taste like an incredible inside out Italian pizza! This recipe is definitely a crown pleaser, especially for the kids. You can even mix and match the “stuffing” ingredients much like you would the toppings on a regular pizza. 

4. BBQ Mushroom and Gouda Stuffed Burger

These burgers are the perfect mix of cheesy goodness in every bite with the tangy sweetness of barbecue sauce to compliment the mild Gouda flavor. Top them off with fresh cilantro to add a fresh taste to the mix as a garnish. You may also want to add pickles or a simple sauce of piccalilli and Thousand Island dressing for a twist. 

No matter what recipe you choose, you can be sure that your dining experience will never be the same when it comes to burgers. Once you get the hang of it, you can add your own concoctions to this recipe list and create scrumptious stuffed burger family recipes that your relatives can enjoy for years to come. So break out of that boring old ketchup and mustard routine and start stuffing your burgers. You won’t be sorry and that’s a promise. 

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