The Secret Menus of Your Favorite Restaurants

Man Looking at Secret Menu

Secrets, secrets, are no fun, unless you share with everyone. That's why we're letting you in on the biggest secrets at your favorite restaurants. Next time you go, you'll be part of the in crowd who knows the secrets.


Cheesy Fries
The next time you go to Arby's, ask for your fries to be wet. No, they won't dunk them in water, they'll smother them in delicious cheese sauce. They'll even do it for curly fries!

Burger King

Vegetarian Hamburger
At BK, try ordering a hamburger as a "veggie" option. Turns out they can substitute the slabs of meat for a veggie patty so vegetarians can get their fast food fix too.  

Where's the beef? There is none on this sandwich. It's a traditional BLT served up in two sizes: small or medium. 

50/50 Fries and Onion Rings
If you have a taste for both fries and onion rings, you don't have to place an order for each. Instead, ask if they can split your order half and half so that you get a serving of both.

Rodeo Burger
You don't have to go to Texas to get a taste of the rodeo with this burger. Their famous barbecue sauce and onion rings go on top of the cheesy meat patty for this one. 


It's hard to believe a place named Chili's doesn't actually list chili on their menu. But ask for it and they'll whip up a cup for you. 


One of the editor's favorite off-the-menu items is this concoction. They'll take a bag of chips and with the salsas and meats you like. It adds edible utensils to the mix for easy snacking. (NOTE: You can't actually say the word "nachos," you have to ask for chips in a bowl that you want to customize. That's directly from their official Twitter). 

Little Caesar's

Cheese-Filled Crust
Despite being promoted by another famous pizza chain, Little Caesar's will make you a cheese-laden crust if you ask. 


Grilled Cheese
Everyone's favorite childhood restaurant does make a great childhood sandwich. You'll get one of their delicious buns topped with melted cheese.

Saucy Fries
If you can't get enough of the special sauce, ask for your fries to be saucy. They'll smother the golden potatoes in some of that special sauce. It's like a secret within a secret. 

In the mood for cardiac arrest? Ask for this concoction to get 8 beef patties in the middle of everything else that comes on a normal Big Mac. 


Frito Pie
Order this southwestern favorite if you like a layer of Frito chips covered in a layer of chili. 


Pizza Sub
Subway might have a reputation for being healthy, but they'll make you this naughty sandwich if you ask. Cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, and any other ingredients you'd like get toasted, bubbly, and crispy in their oven.

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