The Spanish Tortilla: Best Breakfast Ever?

The Spanish Tortilla: Best Breakfast Ever?

The Spanish tortilla has a widely known side dish as is dinner rolls for the United States. Read this guide and you will be able to prepare this in no time.

About the Dish
Known as, "tortilla de patatas or tortilla española" in Spanish, it is one of the most famous and ubiquitous dishes found in Spain. Oddly enough, the Spanish Tortilla has nothing to do with tortillas. Thus, the misleading name already makes it an interesting dish to begin with. This dish is actually a combination of thinly sliced and perfectly layered eggs in a pillow of fluffy eggs, onion, and fresh green herbs.

Such a combination has led to the increasing popularity of this dish, as many critics have heralded it as, "the perfect combination."

Apart from the tastiness, another factor that makes this dish great is the versatility. While many enjoy it as a breakfast dish, it can be eaten for lunch or dinner, and even as a snack.

Budget Friendly
Lastly, the this dish is filling and budget friendly. For those that are cooking meals on a budget, the affordability of this dish cannot be surpassed. It will not only keep you satisfied due to the protein and carbohydrate content, but it will also fit nicely into your grocery budget.

Overall, while food is wholly a matter of taste, the above characteristics of the Spanish Tortilla truly cause one to believe that it is one of the best breakfast dishes available. There is nothing greater than a food that is both budget friendly and scrumptious.

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