The Ultimate Ricotta Collection: 23 Ricotta Cheese Recipes!

The Ultimate Ricotta Collection: 23 Ricotta Cheese Recipes!

If you thought you could only use ricotta cheese in lasagna, you couldn’t be more wrong! You can use ricotta cheese in cookies, salads, pastas, and more. We have plenty of ricotta cheese recipes to please every palate, from sweet tooths to health nuts! Enjoy one of these ricotta cheese recipes tonight!

Dessert Ricotta Cheese Recipes
Ricotta Honey Dessert: Drizzle a little bit of honey on ricotta for a sweet snack.
Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cookies: I had some leftover ricotta cheese from a lasagna recipe so I made these cookies - best lemon cookies I've ever tasted! They are incredibly moist and delicious and make a great end to any meal.
Rum Ricotta Rum: This angel food cake is very low in fat and calories and the only sugar comes from the fruit.
Ricotta Cheese Pie: This rich dessert is an interesting alternative to cheesecake.
Italian Cookies: This delicious Italian cookie recipe uses ricotta cheese!
Stephanie Izard’s Bread Pudding with Fresh Ricotta, Apples, and Salted Caramel: This sweet, savory and simple bread pudding recipe comes from Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard!
Grilled Peaches with Mint and Basil Ricotta: A summertime family favorite! This dessert or summer side dish has it all. Sweet, savory, smooth, and crunchy! The secret to this great recipe is the use of fresh herbs. They add an unexpected surprise that just linger on the tongue.

Easy Ricotta Cheese Recipes
Spinach and Ricotta Ziti: Not feeling the spinach? Substitute broccoli instead.
Ricotta Ravioli: Nom, nom, nom!
Spinach Ricotta Calzone: This simple Italian recipe uses pre-made dough and sauce to make the cooking process incredibly easy.
Ricotta-Stuffed Pears: Try placing these tasty pears on a bed of salad greens. Just leave out the graham cracker.
Fried Ricotta Balls: Yummy in my tummy, time for something sweet!
Pasta and Ricotta Cheese Recipes
Ricotta Pasta with Veggies: This cheesy pasta dish is so easy to make! The best part is that you can switch the veggies out for other veggies, you can add meat, or throw in some other ingredients that you like.
Pasta with Ricotta: This is a comfort food from when we were kids. My mom would make this as a quick snack after school or for dinner.
Ricotta Macaroni: This macaroni is so easy to make!
Cavatelli with Ricotta and Fresh Tomato Sauce: If you can't find cavatelli pasta, try gnocchi.
Lasagna Toss with Spinach and Ricotta: This recipe has all the flavor of a lasagna, without the wait!
Alfredo Rotini: Rotini pasta is tossed with ricotta, mozzarella, and a parmesan sauce in this cheese-lovers delight.
Vegetable Stuffed Canneloni: Delicious cannelloni stuffed with an array of vegetables, Parmesan, and ricotta cheese! Serve with a big green salad. Tasty!

Healthy Ricotta Cheese Recipes
Ricotta Pasta with Raisins and Peas: This pasta dish mixes sweet and savory, resulting in a delicious flavor!
Rotini with Eggplant, Tomatoes, and Ricotta Cheese: This dish is best when using fresh basil.Serve this delicious dish with a light salad.
Greens and Ricotta Pie: This recipe looks like a quiche, but without the crust. Make this dish for lunch or brunch!
Spinach and Ricotta Kamut Rotini: Serve with a side salad and a "light low calorie" bread toasted in the oven with a little garlic powder sprinkled on before baking.

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