Three Dozen Vegetarian Favorites: 36 Easy Meatless Recipes

Three Dozen Vegetarian Favorites: 36 Easy Meatless Recipes

I'm not a vegetarian myself, but I can only imagine that it's quite difficult to find a variety of meatless recipes to keep things interesting! I've done the work for you to compile a list of great vegetarian favorites.

1) Avocado is one my favorite vegetables; this recipe showcases its diversity.

2) Spruce up your next batch of asparagus according to this simple recipe.

3) This potato bake recipe gives you the basics, but allows you to choose your preferred veggies.

4) Love, love, LOVE broccoli! And pasta – which makes this recipe perfection.

5) This recipe requires some beef broth, but that's okay, right? Stew it on up!

6) You don't have to miss out on a thick, juicy burger when you've got this recipe on hand.

7) Nothing beats a perfectly creamy, decadent spinach artichoke dip.

8) Thai cusine always has loads up vegetarian options; this home made Thai Green Curry is spot on the authentic stuff.

9) With meat out of the picture, the palate can really focus on the beautiful subtleties in a simple appetizer like the classic Italian bruschetta (that's "bru' sketta").  

10) Layer it on up with this tasty vegetarian lasagna.

11) It's about time we got to THE meat substitute: TOFU!

12) Cauliflower can be pretty bland on its own, but give it a little help and you've got a a buttery, garlic wonderland.

13) Any good vegetarian knows that black beans are packed full of the protein that you're missing from meat. This black bean soup won't leave you regretting your dietary restriction.

14) Skip the carbs and stick to the veggies with this Raw Vegan Taco recipe.

15) Alright, now I'm encouraging the carbs, because this Challah bread is dynamite.

16) Sue, who? Oh, sue-she! Please forgive me, that was awful; but this Sushi recipe isn't!

17) Ooh, I love anything that lets me use goat cheese! This simple salad is one to add to your repertoire.

18) This probably isn't what you're looking for, but you know you want a dessert break! Take this Pb&J cupcake recipe, it's all yours.

19) There's a lot going on this Thai Veggie Burger.

20) Chili is usually, well, Chili because it's packed with meat; but don't fear, you can pack it full of beans, beans, and more beans!

21) Nothing like spinach and cheese ravioli to remind you that meatless isn't so bad.

22) This unique pizza is made with an almond crust, and topped with tons of veggies!

23) This fennel and sweet orange salad makes a great snack.

24) Vegetables can be prepared many ways – you can even make, wait for it...FRIES. Check out these Crispy Crunchy Zucchini Sticks.

25) Let's take a moment to enjoy a nice, cool fruity parfait.

26) I'm not into mushrooms, but word has it, this mushroom stir fry is trippy-good.

27) I always forget about eggplant, but I promise you won't forget this dish.

28) This fiesta summer salad really is a party!

29) Let's throw a bone to the vegans, and give them something sweet!

30) I think it's about time to use my fav avocado again. This time in a classic guacamole.

31) This isn't specifically vegetarian, but it's time for a drink, don't ya think?

32) I may be a few months ahead of the trend, but this stuffed mini-pumpkin is so cute and tasty.

33) Quinoa is a magical grain, and this black bean casserole includes it just right.

34) I wouldn't usually waste time on a savory scone, but this onion and cheddar scone is super unique and amazing.

35) Okay, okay, ONE more dessert? You'll thank me for this berrylicious vegan gelato.

36) It was a struggle to figure out how to end this amazing list, but it's got to be simple and delicious: here, have a falafel burger.



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