Throw a Casual Summer Get-Together

Throw a Casual Summer Get-Together

No need to prepare a feast for this party. Instead, opt for comfort and good old-fashioned conversation. While a fancy party might be fun every once in a while, a casual soiree is much more economical and stress-free. We’ve got some easy recipes to go alone with this casual theme too!

Don’t invite tons of people to this gathering. Try only inviting 5-10. That way, things will be much more intimidate and you can all talk at the table rather than breaking up into small groups! Enjoy!

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A seasonal salsa or some bruschetta are casual yet still classy.

Fresh Summer Salsa
Cheese Snack Rounds
Tomato Oregano Bruschetta
3 in 1 Italian Dip
Summer Orzo Salad

Main Courses
Stick to something homey, like chicken tacos or tangy shrimp!

Sweet and Tangy Shrimp and Sausage

Mango Chicken
Grilled Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin
Easy Chicken Tacos
Baked Fish

Side Dishes
Tracie’s Easy Potato Salad
Lima Bean Salad
Baked Beans with Bacon
Classic Coleslaw
Fried Squash Bread

This is your chance to use up all that fruit you have lying around.

Key Lime Pie
Strawberry Rumba
Blueberry Cheesecake
Tropic Surprises
Peach Sherbet

Just because this is a casual party doesn’t mean you can’t have some exciting cocktails.

Havana Hurricane
Sunshine Punch
Summer Iced Tea
Strawberry Margarita
Baha Cooler

Party Pointers:

  1. Instead of buying disposable plates and bowls, invest in some good-quality colorful dishes. If you plan to have more than a couple of parties this summer, they’ll come in handy. Stick to stores like Walmart and Target for the best deals.
  2. Since it’s summer you might think that having the party outside is a no-brainer. However, not everyone likes to spend hours in the sun. Provide an indoor area for your guests who can’t take the heat.
  3. Plan to have your party at the coolest time of day. That means no afternoon get-togethers. Dusk works great! Make sure you have lots of water bottles on hand. You don’t want anyone to get dehydrated.

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