Throw A Fall Apple Picking Party!

Throw A Fall Apple Picking Party!

One of Recipe4Living's favorite fall ingredients is of course: the apple. Plan an apple picking party and prepare some of your favorite apple dishes together!

October is the perfect time to go apple picking! Invite some friends to pick apples at your local orchard and then return home to cook a delicious meal full of apple dishes. Menu recommendations below, of course.


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Chop up your apples and make some tasty and unique appetizers.

Spiced Apple Cheese Spread

Apple Salsa

Baked Apples with Feta and Thyme

Easy Apple Dip

Sausage Apple Puffs

Main Courses

Pick a protein and prepare a sweet glaze made of apples or simply bake apples alongside for an easy, delicious main course.

Herbed Lamb with Apples

Slow Cooked Apples and Pork

Apple Cheddar Chicken

Apple-Cinnamon Glazed Turkey

Apple Beef Patties

Side Dishes

Super Simple Sweet Cinnamon Apples

Traditional Apple Butter

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Red Hot Cinnamon Baked Apples

Point Apple Coleslaw


Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple crisp...the choices of apple desserts are endless!

Chewy Caramel Apples

Fat-Free Apple Crisp

Crumble Top Apple Pie

Apple Dumplings

Dutch Apple Cake


Make your own apple juice or use already-made juice to add these apple-flavored beverages to your party!

Easy Apple Cider

Apple Spiced Iced Tea

Apple Pie a la Mode Smoothie

Hot Apple Punch

Honey Apple Tea

Presentation Pointers:

1. Call up your nearby orchard and make sure there are plenty of apples ready for picking before you arrive.

2. Plan a menu beforehand and have all your cooking supplies and ingredients ready to go before you leave for the orchard. If any of your dishes don't require apples, make them ahead of time.

3. Make sure to bring home extra apples for an in-between activity. While the food is cooking, you can go bobbing for apples!

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