Throw Your Kid A Birthday Party While On A Budget

Throw Your Kid A Birthday Party While On A Budget

Taking your kid and his/her friends to an arcade or a restaurant is probably less affordable now than ever. Let Recipe4Living help you plan a menu and activities for a budget and kid-friendly party you can have in your own home.

Just because money is tight doesn't mean your child doesn't deserve a birthday party. The good news is you can still throw him/her one without breaking the bank! Your child and his/her friends will still enjoy themselves and you'll be happier with the bill.


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The kids will love to find their favorite letters in a bowl of alphabet soup or snack away on some fritters!

Alphabet Soup

Spinach Fritters

Parmesan Toast Strips

Taco Chicken Rolls

Honey Granola Crunch

Main Courses

Kids are picky eaters but they love their chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pizza. Sneak in healthier choices for these dishes with veggies and more.

Chicken Nugget Casserole

Baked Beans with Hot Dogs

Whole Wheat Pizza

Kid's Favorite Waffles

Golden Brown Macaroni and Cheese

Side Dishes

Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole

Kid-Friendly Veggie Medley

Zucchini Cheese Squares

Baby Broccoli with Garlic

Pizza Fries


Of course birthday cake should be the star of any birthday party, but you can also make birthday cupcakes, cookies and more!

Chocolate Birthday Cake (see 'Birthday Cakes' article below for more birthday cake ideas!)

Cookies a la Mode

Gingerbread People

Homemade Ice Pops

S'More Cupcakes

Beverages Instead of serving pop or store bought drinks, try making your own for a cheaper beverage that's more fun!

Kid-Friendly Margarita Punch

Hot Chocolate Mix

Best Ever Lemonade

Swamp Punch

Watermelon Slush

Presentation Pointers: 1. Depending on your child's age, you can come up with some really great themes and encourage your child's guests to dress up like: pirates, princesses, superheroes or anything inspired by their favorite cartoon character. Visit for more ideas!

2. Arts and crafts activities will go a long way with little kids. Buy simple projects at a party store like face paint, sand-filled bottles, tie dye, lanyard or any of the classic fun crafts. See more ideas here:

3. Have your appetizers out and ready when your kids' guests get there. After everyone has arrived and munched on some appetizers, move on to one of your planned activities and end with the main meal and dessert!

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