Throwback Day! 12 Casserole Favorites

Throwback. . .Tuesday: 12 Casserole Favorites

Whether it's #ThrowbackThursday or not, we're gonna talk about our favorite casserole recipes from way back when. Get your notebooks out because these ones are worth writing down.

Summer Squash Casserole – Squash is one of the biggest super foods and in this casserole you may be able to even get the kids to chow down.

Summer Sausage Bake – This three-ingredient casserole will be a keeper once you see you just how easy and delicious it really is.

Squash Tomato Casserole – This summer casserole not only looks pretty but tastes divine as well.  Layering the vegetables gives the flavor and appearance of the popular French dish, Ratatouille.

Tomato and Corn Casserole – As a vegetarian myself; this tomato and corn casserole is one of my favorites for an easy and healthy dinner.

Cheddar Corn Casserole –This traditional casserole makes every bite amazing due to the unique sour cream dressing.

Spicy Tuna Casserole – Tuna casserole has been a staple in American kitchens as long as sliced bread has so this new variation will add some heat to the classic dish.

Hot Dog Loaf – Your kids will be asking for seconds on this simple hot dog casserole. Make extra because it will go fast.

Mediterranean Eggplant Casserole – Eggplants are such a delicious and rich vegetable and we can’t but help put them in this Mediterranean inspired casserole.

Spinach Soufflé Casserole – The French do soufflés best and we won’t complain. This spinach casserole is inspired off the mouth-watering soufflé.

Down on the Farm Casserole - I love the flavors of this cheesy sausage casserole and I have a feeling you will too.

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Casserole - A great way to use the zucchini from your local farmers market.

Mom's Mexican Chicken Casserole – This casserole will have your family guessing you spent hours making it when it is actually simple and easy to prepare. This one’s a keeper mom’s.

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