Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Picnic

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Picnic

Breezy summer days are the best time for family picnics to enjoy the great outdoors. Often, picnics are trickier to pull off than they seem. From bees in the soda to ants in the watermelon, sometimes it seems the great outdoors has it out for us. Keep some of these tips in mind when planning your perfect picnic!

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Location, Location, Location: Consider what type of picnic you want in your plans. Is this a party, small family event or date? For parties, consider venues with playgrounds, basketball courts, volleyball nets, etc. to keep guests entertained. For a date, visit the websites of local botanical gardens or arboretums to make sure they allow picnics on their grounds.

Plastic or vinyl tablecloth: Picnics almost always involve spills of some sort, especially if you’re eating on the ground. A vinyl tablecloth is easier to clean dirt and soda off of than Grandma’s hand-knit quilt. Even if you plan to eat on a table instead of the ground, bring a plastic tablecloth along. A colorful tablecloth will brighten up your meal and keep the table clean for other visitors.

Large basket, bag or cooler: Sometimes you need all three! Keep drinks cold in a cooler or insulated freezer bag. Carry everything else in the basket.

Plastic knives, forks, spoons, cups, plates, napkins: Pretty basic to picnics, but easy to forget. Also bring your own trash bags if you don’t think the park will have trashcans. For a classy and eco-friendly date, bring your own silverware, pick up some fully biodegradable bamboo plates, and throw in (not literally) the wine glasses.

Wet-wipes: Finger foods are popular at picnics but leave you with sticky hands. Even if you know your site has public bathrooms, bring the wet-wipes for easy clean up. 

Cutting board: This is an item I almost always forget on spur-of-the-moment picnic plans with friends. You can bring the watermelon and the knife, but without a cutting board or a picnic table you’re in for a mess.

Simple, well-made foods: Sandwiches, chopped fruit and veggies and soda are easy to pull off for the family picnic. For a date, step it up with a cheese board and water crackers, a green salad (don’t add the dressing until you sit down to eat!), fresh, seasonal fruit, and a bottle of wine. 



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