Tips To Avoid Holiday Pounds

Fat man with santa hat eating candy

Want to know how to avoid putting on the dreaded winter weight? Keep reading to learn about simple tips, recipe ideas, and guidelines to make it through the dark winter months while still eating, feeling, and looking great.

  1. Get more fiber into your meals: Fiber not only makes you feel fuller faster, it makes you stay fuller longer. By incorporating more whole grains and vegetables into your meals, you'll avoid the constant holiday snacking. For help, try some of these recipes: All-Bran Extra Fiber Muffins, Mediterranean Turkey on Whole Grain Bread, Vegetarian Black Bean Chili, Heart-Healthy Salmon with Kale
  2. Don't go to parties hungry: Have a healthy snack before heading over to a gathering. This will allow you to still enjoy yourself, but your stomach will already be a little bit more full than it otherwise would've. Try some of these healthy pre-holiday snack ideas: Parsnip Fries, Roasted Beet Salad, Copycat Nutri-Grain Bars.
  3. Make smart decisions at parties: Avoid alcohol, move around as much as possible, and choose healthier items. For three simple rules to follow at your holiday parties, read this article
  4. Bring a healthy dessert along: Desserts don't have to be unhealthy, and you can outsmart the holiday table by bringing your own, healthier sweets to the game. Here are some healthy dessert ideas: Healthy Pumpkin Cookies, Yogurt Cream Dessert, Healthy Mandarin Orange Cake
  5. Don't Prohibit: Don't stop yourself from indulging completely, just make sure you put a limit on the amount of indulging you do. If a friend made a recipe they'd like you to try, go ahead and try it, but don't eat the whole thing. Here are some items that you can indulge in: Decadent Mint Cookie Cups, Super-Duper Chocolate Silk Pie, Wolfgang Puck's Tiramisu

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