Top 10 4th of July Potluck Side Dishes

Top 10 4th of July Potluck Side Dishes

If you’re headed to a friend or family member’s Fourth of July barbecue, don’t go empty handed. You don’t need to bring the brats or burgers. Instead, skip to the side with wholesome dishes that won’t take too long to prepare. Be creative and cook something you know everyone will enjoy, like potato salad, baked beans or kabobs!

Recipe4Living has countless sides for Fourth of July or another other summertime soiree, so give it a whirl with these dishes!

  1. Jackie’s Potatoes - This recipe can be used with almost any type of potato. They taste as if you were baking all day. 
  2. Tuna Pasta Salad - This awesome tuna pasta salad is a real crowd pleaser! 
  3. Wes's Best Baked Beans - Fast and delicious recipe for a side dish that will be a hit with all. Easy to make, and great to bring to parties.  
  4. Chilled Italian Mostaccioli Salad - A great picnic or party dish, this salad is so easy to make!  
  5. Hot or Cold Easy and Delicious Potato Salad – This recipe is absolutely DELICIOUS and very easy! People I don't even know hunt me down for the recipe! It's very addicting and delicious. The original recipe called for 8 strips of bacon but I think adding more really adds to the flavor. 
  6. Cheesy Garlic Biscuits - We love garlic bread in my house but I don't always have ciabatta bread so I use what is on hand. The biscuits were on sale so I had a few lying around. Good with my Split Pea Soup. 
  7. Red Cabbage Salad - Sugar, vinegar, tart apples and red current jelly make this a special cabbage dish that will be a family favorite in no time! 
  8. Buck's Pinto Beans - The most important thing is that you will need is seat belts on your chairs to keep from falling on the floor, these beans are so good. 
  9. Nanny's Potato Salad - This recipe is quick and delicious! I like to make quick dishes for my husband . he likes this recipe very much. 
  10. Grilled Corn With Herb Butter - The herb butter will add a gourmet flair to the feast.

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