Top 10 Apple Crisp Recipes

Top 10 Apple Crisp Recipes

These apple crisp recipes are absolutely fabulous for Fall. We know you'll love any one of these that you choose to make! Keep reading to see our favorite apple crisp recipes.

Danish Apple Crisp: A crust topped with apples and drizzled with icing.

Lady Apple Crisp
: To me, apple crisp means Sunday dinner desserts at my grandmother's when I was a child. I still use her recipe, written in her handwriting on a faded index card. This little version of my favorite dessert results in a much crunchier topping than in the original, but the wonderful honey taste is still there. I hope it helps bring back a favorite memory for you.

Apple-Cranberry Crisp: Crisps are a great way to make a homemade dessert without very much effort at all. Great during the summer when apples are fresh and ice cream is cheap!

Microwave Apple Crisp: This apple crisp recipe is easy, quick, and tastes yummy. It's really good with vanilla ice cream and it's a good fall recipe when apples are plentiful.
Golden Apple Crisp: Apple crisp is my favorite fall dessert! This recipe takes only 30 minutes to bake.

Maple Apple Crisp: A little maple flavoring gives a great twist to apple cobbler.
Apple Oatmeal Crisp: This delicious dish is a cross between an oatmeal cookie and an apple cobbler.
Mom’s Apple Crisp: This is a great recipe to follow for the perfect apple crisp dessert.

Apple Crisp Cupcakes: A lot of work goes into these little cupcakes, but it's definitely worth it.
Fat-Free Apple Crisp: This is a great substitute for apple pie for those watching their calories. Use whole-wheat flour for a healthier dessert.

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