Top 10 Cranberry Desserts

Top 10 Cranberry Desserts

When you think of the fall and holidays, one food item that comes to mind is the cranberry. Cranberries are great additions to main meals, as well as to desserts. Keep reading to learn how to add cranberries into many different recipes.

Cranberry Crumb Pie: Sweetened condensed milk gives this pie a sweet flavor without adding too much sugar. Tart cranberries offset the sweetness for a perfect pie.

Cranberry Cobbler: Cranberry and peach combine for a festive fall cobbler.

Cranberry Sauce: Try this sweet sauce as a dessert topper, such as over cheescake.

Cranberry Orange Cheesecake: Cranberries and oranges go together beautifully in this cool cheesecake.

Outrageous Cranberry Fudge Cake: The cranberry-chocolate combo is the perfect fusion in this deliciously indulgent cake.

Cranberry Sorbet: A deliciously refreshing dessert in the summertime or anytime. Crisp cranberry tartness mixed with orange juice and raspberry liqueur make it an elegant dessert.

Apple Cranberry Streusel Pie: Colorful pie that pairs seasonal cranberries and apples. Crunchy topping adds to the overall crisp texture. Serve warm topped with frozen vanilla yogurt.

Cranberry Nut Pie: A sweet and tangy pie with the right amount of crunch from chopped walnuts.

Cranberry Crisp Coffee Cake: Frosted Flakes give this simple cake a fun crunch.

Crustless Cranberry Pie: Light, super simple, and delicious dessert. Great with vanilla ice cream.



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