Top 10 Healthy Italian Recipes

Top 10 Healthy Italian Recipes

Filling pasta, cheesy pizza and delectable calzones are all hallmarks of classic Italian cuisine. They also have something else in common. They’re often thought of as high in calories and in fat. We've flipped the switch on old Italian favorites for a lighter and healthier way to enjoy old country food. These dishes still ring true to Italy, but they’re not as heavy or rich in calories.

Broccoli Lasagna - Serve up a healthy and delicious dose of broccoli lasagna.

Marinated Italian Tomato and Artichoke Salad
- This is a beautiful summertime garden fresh salad variation.

Healthy Italian Sausage and Veggie Soup
-  My doctor advised me to eat more protein and less carbs in my diet. This delicious soup fills you up and doesn't leave you craving sweets.

Italian Bread Crumbs Baked Chicken
- This is good for dieters. Yummy in taste and appearance.

Rigatoni Puttanesca - This healthy, low calorie meal is deliciously tasty thanks to fresh ingredients.

Vegetable Baked Rotelli or Ziti
- I make this with reduced fat cheeses so I don't feel so guilty and to boost the nutritional value, I added some veggies. Be creative and add what you like.

Italian Tomato and Onion Salad
- This is a light side or main dish. Add some crusty bread and cheese and it's a feast.

Sicilian Pizza - My grandmother taught me how to make this healthier authentic pizza! It has a thick crust , which I have made easier - and it is best in the summer with fresh tomatoes.

Diet Lasagna - Don't let the word spinach turn you off, this is really good and doesn't taste "diet" at all.

Lighter Tiramisu - An Italian dessert for those watching what they eat. 

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