Top 10 Holiday Side Dish Recipes

Top 10 Holiday Side Dish Recipes

Preparing for your holiday feast? This top 10 recipe collection ought to help you out!

1. Cranberry Apple Crisp - This recipe is a family favorite during the Thanksgiving-Christmas holidays. It would not be the holidays without this dish on our table.

2. Butterscotch Sweet Potato Casserole - By adding the rich flavor of butterscotch to your sweet potato casserole you will be for a delicious and even better tasting casserole.

3. Creamy Deviled Eggs - These easy eggs can be a successful side dish for any holiday menu.

4. Holiday Creamed Corn - This creamed corn recipe is different and way better than just opening a can.

5. Country Style Green Beans - This dish was inspired by my mom who in my opinion is the best cook in the whole world. It is so simple and easy to prepare that it will dress up any meat as a side dish. My teenage sons also cook this and they even tell their girlfriends' moms about it.

6. Cranberry Orange Relish - A new twist on an old favorite, this is so easy all you need is a food processor.

7. Holiday Sweet Potato Bake - Your family will gobble up this tried and true Thanksgiving bake.

8. Old Fashioned Stuffing - White bread, turkey giblets, oysters and mushrooms make this a truly classic recipe.

9. Homemade Mashed Potatoes - Yummy mashed potatoes with cheese and bread crumb topping. A friend made this recipe for Christmas one year and everyone went back for a second helping.

10. Baked Acorn Squash With Caramelized Apples, Pecans and Onions - An awesomely healthy quick and easy side dish for Thanksgiving (or any day).

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