Top 10 Hot Chocolate Recipes

Top 10 Hot Chocolate Recipes

Warm, comforting and sugary sweet, hot chocolate is a beverage that everyone can get behind! We like ours with some cayenne pepper to really heat things up, but there are lots of hot chocolate recipes for everyone - even some white hot chocolate recipes! Ditch the powder and make your own homemade hot chocolate.

1. Mayan Hot Chocolate - Hot chocolate was originally paired with hot chili peppers and other spices in ancient Mayan culture. We think you'll like this modern version even better.

2. Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate - This warm, soothing, milky hot cocoa will make you want to curl up and hunker down on a cold winters night.

3. Peppermint Hot Chocolate - Made from scratch, this hot chocolate could be the best recipe every. You won't be disappointed.

4. Crockpot Spiced Hot Chocolate - This is a very fun winter beverage that's so easy to make. Put all the ingredients in before you go outside in the now, and when you come back in you'll have hot, spiced hot chocolate to warm you up again.

5. Mexican Hot Chocolate - This is a great recipe for a warm up after skiing or skating this winter or just to have during a cold evening out side.

6. Creamy Hot Chocolate - Tested with the Spanish chocolate Valor Chocolate a la Taza (available at the Web site, this fast and easy recipe yielded a pretty cup of hot chocolate with a caressing texture that lived up to its name.

7. Rich Hot Chocolate - This yields a hot chocolate exceptionally rich and representative of the quality of the chocolate used. It won't be for everyone, just people who want a melted bittersweet chocolate bar for breakfast.

8. White Hot Chocolate - Try something different from hot cocoa with this creamy hot white chocolate.

9. Perfect Hot Chocolate - Forget the powder and spoil your loved ones with a cup of homemade hot chocolate from scratch.

10. Caramel Hot Chocolate - Sip this creamy caramel drink for a welcome warm-up.

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