Top 10 Jammin' Jams and Jellies!

Top 10 Jammin' Jams and Jellies!

With all the produce you've acquired this season, it's time to make some jams and jellies that will last through the cold winter season. Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs to making your own spreads.

Peach Jam: A delicious, peachy jam you definitely won't find on your grocer's shelf! Goes great on toast.

Pear Preserves: Not a commonly jarred fruit, but just as delicious as anything else.

Pecan Jam: This is different. It tastes like you're eating pecan pie out of a jar.

Pear-Apple Jam: A yummy combination of ingredients creates the best fruit spread for toast and other bread items.

Easy Rhubarb Jam: This easy jam recipe is a bit of a short cut using Jell-O, but the fresh rhubarb flavor shines through.

Black Raspberry Jam: If you can find black raspberries, definitely make a batch of this jam so you can always have some around.

Best Strawberry Jam Ever: This is the BEST Strawberry Jam I have ever eaten. I have had so many people tell me it is even better than the number one leading brand at the store! It is so easy to make and it costs very little.

Apricot-Raspberry Jam: This fruity jam is delicious on toast and makes a great gift in a jar.

Blueberry Jam: Easy and quick jam.

Georgia Cucumber Jelly: Serve jelly as accompaniment to cold meat or fish.

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