Top 10 Must-Have Diabetic Desserts!

Top 10 Must-Have Diabetic Desserts!

Having diabetes doesn't mean that you can't enjoy life's sweet pleasures - literally! While diabetics must be cautious about sugar consumption, they shouldn't have to sacrifice taste! At Recipe4Living, we've put together a collection of the richest, tastiest, diabetic-friendly desserts we have. Enjoy!

Sugar-Free Apple Pie - This easy to make apple pie cuts out all the sugar but none of the flavor.

Sugarless Brownies - This recipe is sugar-free because it uses brown rice syrup instead of sugar. Using brown rice syrup also reduces the amount of calories. For another variation, try using brown rice flour instead of wheat flour.

Sugar-Free Impossible Cheesecake - This sugar-free version of a classic recipe makes baking a cinch and eating no-guilt!

Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge - Make sugar free chocolate fudge using the microwave!

Sugar-Free Carrot Cake - This recipe is made with frozen juice concentrate and a carrot mixture of pineapple, nuts, and sesame seeds.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Pecan Cookies - Lots of sugar-free pudding keeps this cookies moist and chewy.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream - This is a fun summer treat on really hot days. It's easy to make with your ice cream maker and tastes refreshingly delicious.

Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler - Choose your favorite berries to put into this classic dessert.

Sugarless Pumpkin Pie - This pie recipe couldn't be easier and ensures that everyone will be able to have a slice of pie at Thanksgiving – even the sugar-free eaters.

Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate Cheesecake - A fantastically impressive recipe - great if you're watching your sugar and calories or if you're cooking for diabetics.




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