Top 10 Pancake Recipes

Top 10 Pancake Recipes

These pancake recipes are absolutely brilliant. You'll enjoy them for a light breakfast, or even dinner!

Apple Pancakes with Maple Crusted Walnuts: A sweet treat for a Sunday brunch, or any time you feel like indulging someone.

Bread Pancakes: These pancakes are not the breakfast type. Made the same way, they add texture and breading to thick, saucy dishes.

Dutch Pancakes: Try these rich pancakes, baked in the oven instead of the griddle.

German Pancakes: This is a simple recipe to make some great and fluffy pancakes for you family in the morning.

Banana Pancakes: A delicious and nutritious addition to a breakfast standard.

Yogurt Pancakes: These eggless pancakes can be adapted for vegans, and they're yummy, too!

Boston Pancakes: These pancakes are delicious. They are served in layers with butter in between, and maple syrup poured over them.

Swedish Pancakes: An authentically Swedish recipe for a delectable morning, afternoon, or even evening meal!

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