Top 10 Salmon Recipes

Top 10 Salmon Recipes

It's no secret that you need Omega 3 Fatty Acids in your diet, which is why we love these salmon recipes. Delicious, healthy and so easy - all wrapped up in 10 fantastic recipes!

1. Sassy Salmon Burgers - These make a great alternative to the boring beef burger.

2. Salmon-in-a-Snap - With orange and lemon-pepper, this easy recipe prepares great salmon without the help of a grill.

3. Barbecue Salmon Fillets - Pineapple juice, lemon juice, brown sugar and chili powder season this baked salmon dish.

4. Salmon & Potatoes - This crockpot recipe slow-cooks the creamy salmon mixture so you don't have to worry about it.

5. Friday Night Special Salmon Cakes - A real treat on Friday night or any night, these salmon cakes are really delicious!

6. Overnight Salmon Casserole - This simple casserole dish refrigerates overnight. Great dish for company or if you just need to cook ahead of time.

7. Sauteed Salmon with Whiskey Sauce - Try a deliciously grown-up preparation for those salmon fillets.

8. Baked Salmon with Tomatoes, Spinach & Mushrooms - This delicious baked dish is made easy with prepared sun-dried vinaigrette dressing.

9. Salmon and Cheese Pie - This creamy casserole is like a salmon-infused mashed potato dish.

10. Horseradish Encrusted Salmon - Healthy and delicious, make sure you buy fresh fish, Turns out perfect everytime.  You can serve with baby potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsley and a crispy mixed leaf salad. 

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