Top 10 Stone Fruit Desserts

Top 10 Stone Fruit Desserts

These amazing stone fruit desserts will be a big hit this fall when your favorite fruits are ready to harvest. Keep reading to learn how to make these spectacular dishes!

Peach Crisp Parfait: When you're only serving a few dinner guests, this is a beautiful presentation and a delicious dessert!

Nectarines with Pureed Blueberry Sauce: A special treat for fruit lovers.

Plum Coffee Cake: The addition of fresh plums to your coffee cake is an excellent way to wake up in the morning.

Apricot Crumble: Crumbly apricot, brown sugar, and lemon squares are baked to perfection.

Cherry Chocolate Cake:  A simple recipe with a lot of taste.

Peaches and Cream Cake: Beautiful layer cake that will impressive with presentation and taste!

Nectarine-Cherry Compote: The combination of fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream is positively delightful!

Lemon-Plum Sorbet: This brightly flavored fruit sorbet is great plain or perfect with a slice of angel food cake.

Apricot Pudding: Fresh apricot pudding with whole apricots is a fruit dish you must try.

Cherry Blossom Cookie: Dried cherries and white chocolate chips make this a sweet and tart cookie that is incredibly satisfying.

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