Top 10 Summer Corn Recipes

Top 10 Summer Corn Recipes

Delicious summer corn can be eaten in a salad, grilled, used in a casserole or made into a sweet pudding. Stock up on this in-season vegetable at a farmer’s market or at your local produce store, and use it as an appetizer salad, as a tasty side or even in dessert.

Recipe4Living has made things easy for you in this collection of our favorite summer corn recipes.

  1. Summer Sweet Corn Salad - Mix grilled sweet corn and cherry tomatoes with some red onion and fresh lime juice for this amazing salad. 
  2. Grilled Corn on the Cob -  The best summer food of all time. If the husks burn dont worry, blow them out or rub a little water on them. 
  3. Cheddar Corn Casserole - With green and red bell pepper, this corn casserole is visually appealing as well as tasty. 
  4. Traditional Corn Pie - An authentic Berks County recipe with corn, potatoes, onion, celery, and eggs baked under a flakey crust. 
  5. Country Corn Bread - A very good recipe given to me from a friend. 
  6. Barbecued Corn on the Cob - A fun and easy way to barbecue up some corn on the cob. 
  7. Beaumont Inn Corn Pudding - This side dish is so popular that we offer it at lunch and dinner every day. The 3-step cooking process and the use of white corn makes this a different and unique version of this Kentucky classic. 
  8. Hot Corn Salad - Easy, great dish anytime of the year. If you like spicy add more crushed pepper. 
  9. Cheese Corn - This is an easy dish that anyone can make - it only has 5 ingredients! 
  10. Sweet Corn Tomalito - Masa Harina, a corn dough used to make tortillas, is used in this corn pudding

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