Top 10 Tomato Pies!

Top 10 Tomato Pies!

Tomato pies are all the rage! They're the newest classic to be revived as a trend. Check out this recipe collection for the 10 best ways to make tomato pie.

Green Tomato Pie: I originally found the recipe for green tomato pie in an old cookbook my grandmother had. I made a few changes along the way and here is the version I now make. It makes a great brunch addition or a light lunch entree. Some people even like it for dessert. 

Fresh Tomato Pie: This one's perfect for this time of year when those wonderful homegrown tomatoes are ready.

Herbed Tomato Pie: This herbed tomato pie is very easy to make. It makes a great side dish or a healthy lunch! It's pretty to look at and tasty too!

Tomato and Cheese Pie: You'll enjoy this savory pie that bakes right into the pie plate - with no crust!

Spinach and Feta Pie: We are an Italian family, and we love our spinach. This is a fast and easy way to use spinach for breakfast or lunch. You can eat a slice alone or serve it with a crisp salad or a tomato onion salad.

Green Tomato Pie with Raisins: Raisins, cinnamon and ginger blend together in this unique and colorful pie.

Southern Tomato Pie: This tomato pie is the very best you will ever, ever eat. I make two at a time so that I can share one with a neighbor, sick friend, or whoever. Trust me. You will love it!

Shepherd's Pie: A rich casserole of mashed potatoes and cheese on top of hamburger meat sauce with a tomato base.

Chili Relleno Pie with Fresh Tomato Salsa: This is a yummy mix of great chili and cool salsa. Give it a try!

Green Tomato Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream: Served with vanilla ice cream, this unique pie tastes similar to apple pie.

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