Top 10 Ways to Bake with Soda

Top 10 Ways to Bake with Soda

There are lots of ways to incorporate sodas into cakes, breads, and even meat glazes! Keep reading to see our favorite recipes that use all different kinds of soda, and tell us your favorites!

7 Up® Chicken: This was my grandma's recipe my family has always loved.

Sprite® Apple Dumplings: Apples are baked in refrigerated crescent rolls with brown sugar and the lemon-lime flavor of Sprite.

Pork Chops in Ginger Ale: Instead of fussing over fresh ginger, try this clever trick to prepare pork chops.

Dr. Pepper® Chocolate Pecan Cookies: Finish up the liter of your favorite soda with this surprising cookie recipe.

Coca-Cola® Brownie Cake: You might not think coke and brownies go together, but try this recipe and you'll see what an amazing combination they make!

Holiday Coca Cola® Baked Ham: A delicious way to bake your holiday ham. My family raves over this dish.

7-Up® Lemon Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze: Deliciously citrus-y and refreshing! A perfect way to bring back summer all year round.

Orange Blush: This drink has a fun mixture of ingredients like orange juice, cranberry juice and club soda.

Mountain Dew® Salad: A wonderful tasting desert with the flavors of Mountain Dew® and lemon Jell-O® along with marshmallows to add the fluffiness.

Orange Crush® Pound Cake: Add some life to a regular pound cake with a can of orange soda! The carbonation and the flavor make this a sweet cake.

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