Top 10 Winter Soup Recipes

Top 10 Winter Soup Recipes

It's hard to narrow down our favorite winter soups to just 10 recipes! We could eat soup all winter long - it's the perfect one-pot meal. Soup can be filling and also budget-friendly since it can last for weeks, or months in the freezer. Let these soups warm your cold bones.

1. Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup - This is my shortcut soup recipe when I don't have time to make the stock and cook the chicken. You can do it all from scratch, if you'd like, but this is MUCH faster!

2. Winter Chowder - This corn, potato, and celery chowder will warm you on a cold winter day.

3. Beef Stew - You can make this basic stew on your stovetop or in your crockpot – whatever you prefer.

4. Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup - Instead of making tortilla soup on the stove try this recipe for a crock pot style. This is so much better since you can actually walk away and let the flavors cook with one another.

5. Crockpot Bean Soup - This soup couldn't be easier to make and it has lots of hearty ingredients like three kinds of beans, ham and smoked sausage.

6. Unstuffed Pepper Soup - An easy way to have delicious stuffed bell peppers, without turning your oven on!

7. Beef, Barley & Mushroom Soup - Shitake mushrooms and diced turnip give that unexpected touch to beef and barley soup.

8. Grandma's Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili - This vegetarian chili is a simple crowd pleasing recipe that can sit in a slow cooker until it is time to serve.

9. Split Pea Soup - A more complex tasting version, sweetened with a little sugar and lemon.

10. Italian Wedding Soup - This is a soup my friend's mom always made for us during winter.

Want more soup? See all of our soup recipes here! 

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