Valentine's Day eCookbook

Valentine's Day eCookbook

Not sure what to cook for your romantic meal with your sweetheart? At Recipe4Living, we're here to help. That's why we've put together this eCookbook full of romantic recipes for your Valentine's Day meal. Aphrodisiacs like chocolate or oysters will surely leave your sweetheart impressed. There is no need to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant when you can create the perfect atmosphere and recipes right in your very own home.

This fun eCookbook is perfect for couples or singles. We’ve got tons of Affectionate Appetizers and dreamy desserts. Not only is the free eCookbook filled with recipes, but we’ve also included Valentine's Day meal tips. Enjoy!

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Here's just a few of the many grilling recipes you'll find in the Valentine's Day eCookbook:

Affectionate Appetizer Recipes

Oysters with Chardonnay - Oysters are considered by many to be an aphrodisiac, so serve these on Valentine's Day! (Page 5)

Valentine's Day Salmon Pate - This is a great appetizer any time of year, but the pink coloring makes it look especially festive for Valentine's Day. (Page 6)

Outrageous Orange Salad - This recipe makes a very elegant salad that is great for any time of year but especially for starting off your romantic meal. Also, fennel is healthy for you in that it provides antioxidant protection and immune support from Vitamin C. (Page 8)

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Dreamy Dessert Recipes

Sweetheart Meringue Tarts with Strawberries - This is an adorable dessert that would be perfect for Valentine's Day or just a surprise for your sweetheart. (Page 20)

Molten Chocolate Cakes - These mounds of chocolaty goodness will melt anyone's heart. (Page 22)

Chocolate Orange Fondue - A chocolate and orange piece of heaven, great with strawberries and cake for dipping. For best results use a chocolate that is at least 70 percent cocoa. (Page 23)

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Bleeding Heart Beverage Recipes

"Cupid's Delight" Cherry Floats - A great party drink to serve at a children’s Valentine's Day party or even as a special gift to say how much you love your child. (Page 26)

Berry-Filled Sangria
- Sangria is a fun party drink that everyone loves but its lovely red color also makes it the perfect romantic beverage. (Page 27)

Champagne Fruit Punch - Try this luxurious punch at your next formal party, for a dinner with your sweetheart or even at New Years! (Page 30)

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