What Desserts Can You Make in 5 Minutes?

What Desserts Can You Make in 5 Minutes?

It seems almost impossible that a pie -- or even a dessert -- could be ready in as little as 5-10 minutes! Keep reading to get a bunch of ideas for 5-10 minute foods.

5 Minute Eggnog Pie: This quick and easy holiday recipe uses your favorite festive beverage in this sweet dessert.

5 Minute Candy Bar Pie: Instant pudding, Cool Whip and chocolate bars make this a quick and easy dessert.

5 Minute Double Layer Pie: Couldn't be easier and there's no "fridge time" so you can eat  it right away.

10 Minute Cherry Tarts: These 10-minute cherry tarts are a great quick and easy dessert or snack for any event, party or school function. Just make them the night before and refrigerate overnight.

10 Minute Frozen Margarita Pie: Make this fun and fruity pie with a twist of sour next time you feel like entertaining some guests. This would be perfect on a hot summers day or night.

10 Minute German Chocolate Cream Pie: This one is perfect when you just can't wait for that chocolate indulgence.

10 Minute Rainbow Sorbet: This is a perfect dessert for any child and for anyone who loves rainbow sorbet.

Jell-O 10 Minute Fruit Whip: This is a great way to end a heavy Thanksgiving meal. It's light and fruity and delicious.


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