What to Do with Your Leftover BBQ

What to Do with Your Leftover BBQ

Memorial Day weekend has come to a close but your fridge is still cluttered with stacks of leftover containers. You don’t have to throw all that good food away!

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Here are some recipes to spice up your leftovers and stop wasting that BBQ: 


1. Quesadillas


Try adding your leftover BBQ chicken to some simple Quesadillas. This cheesy treat is a fantastic recipe to spice up your past meals. You can substitute BBQ pulled pork or even grilled fish for a healthier option as the protein for this dish. 


2. Pizza


That’s right, pizza is not just for tomatoes to shine. Try cutting up your grilled sausage or chicken and adding it to a simple pizza recipe. You can even add pulled pork or some of your grilled veggies. Adding all these grill or BBQ items to your pizza will give it a nice smoky flavor as a new way to enjoy this quick and easy meal. For the adventurous: you can substitute the pizza sauce for BBQ sauce. 


3. Egg Casserole


My mom’s favorite way to make those pesky leftovers disappear is to incorporate them into breakfast. This way, you’re not getting the same flavor every night but a new spin on breakfast. Egg casseroles are a great way to utilize your leftover grilled sausage, chicken and even veggies. 


4. BBQ Salad


If you’re looking for a healthier option on a leftover meal, try adding to a salad. Salads are super easy because you can make so many substitutions and add in just the right amount of what you crave. For example, try slicing up your BBQ meat and add it to some spinach or arugula leaves for a less creamy option. You can also introduce your favorite seasonal fruits in your salad such as mandarin oranges or pineapple for a fresh summer twist. 


Keep these leftover makeover ideas in mind after your next family BBQ and save time and money on your next fabulous meal. 


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