Why I was Husky: My Favorite Childhood Snacks

Why I was Husky: My Favorite Childhood Snacks

I was an overweight child. My mother called me “husky,” but that was her being a mom. No store has a Husky section; they just have a plus-sized section where all the “big-boned” boys go to get their clothes. For much of my life I was big-boned, and made buffet owners quiver when they saw my portly 12 year-old frame. Thankfully, I eventually learned self-control and was able to enjoy my favorite foods in moderation. I still like to enjoy my childhood snacks, so let’s discuss why they're delicious. If you have a favorite childhood snack I didn’t talk about, feel free to comment in our Disqus comment box below!

Cereal is another one of my childhood favorites. For more on that, check out: In Memoriam: 4 Cereals Gone ForeverQuinoa CerealCereal SquaresStrawberry and Sour Cream Cereal, and Hot Cereal

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos: I remember my family always used to shop at a warehouse club when I was growing up, and one of the items we always had in our cart was a 44-count box of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I’m pretty sure these boxes were intended to stock vending machines, but that didn’t bother us. Every day when I got home from school, I’d sit down and have a bag of these babies. My fingers would be left red, my nose would be running from the heat, and my tongue would be numb, but boy did I enjoy them. 

Kinder Surprise Eggs: Illegal? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Crappy toys inside? Yes. I don’t think any other candy can be summed up in a similar manner. A thin layer of milk chocolate surrounds a thin layer of white chocolate to form a hollow egg. Inside the egg is a small toy (that I’d always throw out). Those little toys are the reason these eggs are banned in the US; they pose a choking hazard. But hell, I ate at least 500 of these growing up and I turned out fine… relatively speaking.

Honey Buns: I’ve never enjoyed eating breakfast, but I remember my mom telling me as a child that I should have something before I went to school. We compromised, and I got to have a Honey Bun every day before I went off to school. Nothing like starting my day with a sugar rush– now I remember why my teachers always loved me. Sugary, sticky, sweet, carb-loaded, and swirly. Breakfast of champions. Breakfast. Of. Champions. 

Warheads: Warheads candies were my absolute favorite growing up. Maybe it’s because I enjoy pain. Maybe it’s because I enjoy sour candies. Maybe it’s because I enjoyed having my face contort into strange shapes after eating these. Though I’m not as daring as I used to be (and admittedly soak them in water… or vodka before eating them), I still enjoy these every so often.

What are some of your favorite childhood snacks?

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