Why You Should Eat Ginger

Why You Should Eat Ginger

Find out why you should head to the nearest grocery store to purchase ginger, and discover recipes that feature this potent and healing spice.

Ginger is officially in season--March through September. Ginger has been used for centuries to treat everything from cancer to migraines. Fresh Ginger has been used as a homeopathic remedy to soothe gastrointestinal problems such as nausea and vomiting caused by morning sickness and motion sickness as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory agent to help reduce joint pain. Adding fresh ginger to tea is also a great way to relieve heart burn.  Ginger has been shown to clean and thin blood, having a positive effect on almost every organ in the body.

Look for ginger in your grocery store's produce aisle. Choose ginger that feels firm.  Soft ginger can indicate it's old.  Store it at room temperature or in the fridge, where it will keep for 3 weeks if left unpeeled.  You can also freeze unpeeled or grated ginger for up to 6 months.

Fresh ginger has a spicy, peppery, semisweet flavor and goes great with a variety of foods.  Try some of these recipes to discover the health benefits of this super spice.

Ginger-Cream Asparagus

Ginger Pear

Gingered Pork Roast

Ginger-Carrot Soup

Fresh Ginger Yams

Gingered Fruit Salad

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