Work That Bottle! More Uses For Salad Dressing

Work That Bottle! More Uses For Salad Dressing

Need something to kick up your quick and easy meal? Check the condiments section of your refrigerator! Salad dressings can go a long way to make something ho-hum into something totally yum!

I usually try and keep up with a weekly meal plan for our family's dinners, but there are some days where I have to throw it out the window and scavenge through the pantry for something to cook. We keep several staples on hand such as rice, chicken breasts, frozen vegetables and salad dressings!

Out of all of those items, I'm telling you that salad dressings have been our saviour when there are hungry kids and a tired mama who doesn't feel like cooking.

Naturally, you can always use salad dressings on a big, filling salad for your family, but have you ever used them to center a meal? These versatile condiments are the stars of our dinner table some nights and I'm not ashamed to say that there is rarely a head of lettuce in our fridge.

Our favorite way to add flair to a meal is using a dressing as a marinade. This is an extremely simple tip, but yields some delicious results. We love using Italian dressing and throw it in a bowl with a few chicken breasts first thing in the morning. That evening, after the chicken has soaked in the dressing, we bake them and voila: Tender, juicy, delicious, mouth-watering chicken. And easy clean-up with no chopping or extra seasonings!

Try this 5 Ingredient Italian Salad Dressing recipe next time you need an easy marinade!

We also love using a ready-made dressing as base for a sauce! I'm obsessed with bleu cheese and always keep a jar in the fridge as a main component for a creamy buffalo sauce. It's definitely a quick way to jazz up a recipe and is great to use when needing to feed a crowd for those soon-to-be-here football days!

Try using bleu cheese as a base in this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps!

And, of course, the easiest way to use salad dressing as a major ingredient is to make it a dip! Our kids are absolutely in love with ranch and honey mustard dressing. I'm telling you, I could give them big huge chunks of raw broccoli and steamed salmon with ranch to dip it all in and they would love it. Ranch has saved us many times from tearing our hair out and, whether you make your own or buy it from a store, isn't too bad for them to indulge! My husband actually loves to dip his pizza in French dressing!

Try this Buttermilk Ranch Dressing recipe next time you're whipping up some chicken tenders or raw vegetables for your kids' snack! I'm sure they won't be disappointed!

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