You CAN Make a Casserole for Breakfast!

You CAN Make a Casserole for Breakfast!

Breakfast casseroles are all the rage! Take a casserole, and adapt the ingredients to suit a breakfast meal of any size!

Check out these three great breakfast casserole recipes!

Breakfast Casserole Supreme: I like to experiment with different tastes, and this dish turned out excellent. I guess that you just can't go wrong with eggs.

Breakfast Casserole in a Crock Pot: Cook your breakfast the night before, and wake up to a hearty meal!

Egg Casserole: This is one of the most interesting dishes I make for my family. I know if may look and sound strange but it is delicious. The use of hardboiled eggs mixed with crunchy potato chips and cream of mushroom soup makes this casserole a favorite on my list.

For more great ways to cook eggs, check out this recipe collection!

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