Your Easter Brunch Party Planner

Your Easter Brunch Party Planner

If you celebrate Easter, let Recipe4Living help you throw a perfect little Easter Brunch Party. That way, you can relax and enjoy the holiday too!

Thinking about throwing an Easter Brunch Party? Make sure to include meat for those who have been fasting as well as some tasty vegetarian dishes. These simple menu ideas can help you figure out what you should serve on this special holiday.

Easter 2010: April 4, 2010

Your guests will love these Easter appetizers. Just make sure they don’t get too full.

Creamy Deviled Eggs

Ageless Antipasto Salad
Cream Cheese Hummus
Easter Egg Spread
Spinach-Chicken Phyllo Rolls

Main Courses
These brunch courses will really hit the spot for all your guests!

Easter Ham
Roast Pork Normandy
Chicken Poppyseed Casserole
Diamond Head Prime Rib Roast
Easter White Lasagna

Side Dishes
Pair these sides with a main course, and your guests won’t be able to stop thanking you.

Baked Corn Casserole
Simple Cabbage Streudel
Easter Egg Potatoes
Sweet Potato Slices
Tuna Pasta Salad

Easter is famous for its desserts. Try one of these family favorites for something new and original.

Jelly-Bean Studded Meringue Nests

Chocolate Haystacks
Mandarin Orange Cake
Carrot Cake with Coconut Frosting
Megan's Key Lime Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce

Serve a sweet drink to your Easter guests!

Sangria Punch

Champagne Fruit Punch
Kid Friendly Margarita Punch
Super Mai Tai

Presentation Pointers:

  1. Make sure to have an Easter Egg Hunt if children will be attending your brunch. You can purchase plastic Easter eggs on the cheap, and fill them up a piece of candy. If the weather is nice, have the game outside and watch as the younger kids’ faces light up with joy when they find their first egg.
  2. Decorate your home with a flair of the spring season. Use flowers, pastel colors and bunnies to guide you. Place arrangements of flowers near the window to give your home a peaceful ambiance. 
  3. If friends are coming from church, encourage them to keep on their fancier gear. While you don’t need a dress code, you want everyone to feel as if they can arrive at your home in whatever attire they desire.

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