Your Sweetest Day Dinner For Two

Your Sweetest Day Dinner For Two

Sweetest Day is still second in terms of love holidays, but it’s still an excellent reason to stop and celebrate your significant other. Don’t take him or her out on a pricey date. It can be so much more romantic to stay in and make a home-cooked meal. It’ll show your date how much you care about him or her, and it’ll be fun too!

These recipes all have something in common. They all have some sweetness in them, in one way or another. Make sure to stick to light appetizers, and focus on the dessert! This is one day where you’re allowed to eat chocolate cake!

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Cook up an easy appetizer that you’re sweetie won’t be able to resist!

Amazing Tortellini Salad
Apple Cheddar Popovers
Watermelon with Grilled Halloumi Cheese
Black Walnut Bread
Honey Coated Crunch Chicken Fingers

Main Courses
Adding a little sweetness into these dinner recipes will make your date go wild!

Maple-Garlic Marinated Pork Tenderloin
Pineapple Chicken
Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Short Ribs
Orangelicious Slow Cooked Pork Chops
Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs with Apple Juice

Side Dishes

Sweetest Orange-Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Cream Corn Bread
Sunset Stuffed Peppers
Caramelized Bacon

What would Sweetest Day be without some sweet desserts? Try some cookies, a cake or a pie!

Chocolate Honey Cookies
Sweet-Tart Apple Berry Apricot Pie
German Sweet Chocolate Cake
Strawberry Sweetheart Cake
Peaches & Cream Dessert

Try a romantic cocktail, or if you’re avoiding alcohol, opt for a sweet tea.

Awesome Apple Martinis
Spiced Ginger Tea
After-Dinner Chocolate Cups
Raspberry Sweet Tea

Presentation Pointers:

  1. The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you plan on cooking a gourmet meal for him (like the one here), don’t overspend on a gift. Something small will do the trick. After all, this dinner is pretty awesome already!
  2. Put on some mood music as you share your romantic dinner. Whether that means some Earth, Wind and Fire or classical, whatever you think will get the magic flowing is what you should play.
  3. Plan the day in advance, and let him or her know that you’re in charge of dinner. You don’t want to plan and make an entire meal, only to find out that he or she also made reservations at your favorite restaurant.

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