Basic Rotisserie Chicken


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This is the healthier version of eating chicken verses fried chicken.

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Rinse chicken; drain and pat dry. Rub cavity lightly with salt. Fasten neck skin to back with skewers.  Take tip ends of wings and bend wings backward so they are held against back of chickens. Insert spit rod through center of chicken.  Insert turning forks firmly in chicken and tighten screws. Tie drumsticks together and then tie securely to tail. Place spit on rotisserie. If desired, brush chicken with melted butter.  Special barbecue sauce may be used, if desired, the last 16 to 25 minutes of cooking period. Approximate cooking time ready to cook weight 1 ½ to 2 lbs. One hour; 2 lbs. To 2 1/2 lbs one and a half hours; 2 1/2 lbs to 3 lbs one and three quarters hour. Chicken is done when the thickest part of drumstick feel soft when pressed between fingers.

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