Delectable Witch's Brew Recipe


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A black cauldron bubbles and steams ominously. Dip a ladle into the fog. What's that floating in the murky green liquid? Eyeballs? Dead things? This is the most dramatic effect for drinks, essential at a Halloween party.

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  • black plastic cauldron
  • Large metal bowl
  • Grapes/Lychees
  • Mountain Dew/White Wine Sangria

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It's all done with dry ice, which gets dramatic reliable results with little effort. For safety's sake, the dry ice doesn't go directly into the drink. Start with a plastic cauldron (about $5 at a Halloween store). Put a large metal bowl inside the cauldron - you might have to raise it up by putting it on top of another, inverted bowl. Then, using tongs, put pieces of dry ice in the cauldron around the bowl. The punch goes inside the bowl. When you're ready to start casting spells, pour room-temperature water on the dry ice. It will take a few minutes for the carbon dioxide fog to fill the cauldron, then start spilling over the sides. This brew needs a full-time witch to tend to it so that no one touches the dry ice and to keep it bubbling and steaming. You'll want to add more dry ice and more water from time to time. Create "eyeballs" and "dead things" in the punch using white grapes and lychees. The latter, Chinese fruits in a can, have a delicate aroma and delicious taste but look like something that has been gathering mold in a mad scientist's pantry for years. As for the punch, Mountain Dew is exactly the right color for a non-alcoholic brew, or make a white-wine sangria if you're serving grown-ups. 

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