First-Rate Candied Sweet Potatoes Recipe

First-Rate Candied Sweet Potatoes Recipe


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This is the easiest way I have found to make candies sweet potatoes and I wanted to share this recipe with all of you.

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Time needed

10 min preparation + 90 min cooking

Serving Size / Yield

8 servings


  • 6 lg. sweet potatoes
  • 2 C. sugar
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1/4 tsp. nutmeg

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Peel and slice potatoes. Put into baking dish. Pour sugar over potatoes, dot with margarine and sprinkle with nutmeg. Cover with foil and place pan in 350 degree oven. Cook 1 hour, then remove foil and cook 15 minutes more. If potatoes make too much juice, pour off some, and then cook a few more minutes. Juice will then get syrupy.

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  • Add to this a little cinnamon, apple pie spice, allspice, molasses, brandy, honey, ginger, brown and white sugar, pepper, (yes pepper!) and bake.

    Flag as inappropriate Redphilly  |  November 9, 2009

  • I've found it works best to boil the potatoes first. Pour them into the baking dish. Then, instead of sugar, I sprinkle brown sugar on top and then cover it with little marshmallows. Then bake it until the marshmallows have turned brown. It's still quick and it can be browning while you finish up the rest of your dinner.

    Flag as inappropriate sjolleyn8  |  November 23, 2008

  • As a kid my mom use to fix the sweet potatoes in a skillet on the stove top....just melt butter, add sliced sweet potatoes and cook like frying regular potatoes...when they brown a little add white sugar cook till the sauce is syrupy...this is easy and quicker than baking...

    Flag as inappropriate MJMarshall  |  November 12, 2008

  • I love this recipe, but I used half white and half brown sugar. Been doing this for over 50 years and am always asksed to bring the sweet potatoes at get togethers. Sometimes, if the oven is too full, I cook them on top of the stove using the same recipe.

    Flag as inappropriate padavis  |  November 10, 2008

  • Thank you so much for this recipe. I had forgotten my mom used to make this all the time. I can't wait to try it myself.

    Flag as inappropriate conniemjordan  |  May 2, 2008

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