Fudgy Frankenstein Fingers


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These edible fingers are tender and fragile -- so handle with care!

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  • 3/4 C. butter, softened
  • 3/4 C. firmly packed brown sugar
  • 3 1-oz. squares semi-sweet baking chocolate, melted
  • 2 C. all-purpose flour
  • candy corn
  • Glaze Ingredients:
  • 1 C. powdered sugar
  • 2 Tbs. water

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Heat oven to 350 degrees. Combine butter and brown sugar in large bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until creamy. Add chocolate; continue beating until well-mixed. Reduce speed to low; add flour. Continue beating until well-mixed. Knead dough with hands until dough sticks together.

Shape rounded teaspoonfuls of dough into 3-inch long bumpy “finger” shapes. (You will need to squeeze and pinch dough together to form fingers). Form rounded point for fingernail on one end. (Dough will crack during baking which will help give the cookies the desired appearance.)

Place 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheets. Use toothpick to make knuckle marks in dough, if desired. Bake for 10-14 minutes or until set. Remove from oven; immediately press 1 candy corn on pointed end. Cool 5 minutes on cookie sheets.

Place cooling racks over waxed paper. Carefully move cookies from cookie sheets onto cooling racks. Cool completely.

Combine all glaze ingredients in small bowl until well mixed. Lightly brush cooled cookies with glaze.


If dough is dry and crumbly when shaping "fingers", add 1 tablespoon milk, if needed, for dough to stick together. 

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